Order Checklist

When you make an order to Yee Valve, here are the steps you should follow based on the documents provided:

1. Verify the Order Details

Ensure that all order details, such as the model, quantity, and specifications match your request. Check the specific models ordered and their corresponding specifications against the provided documents.

2. Check the Material Specifications

Confirm that the materials listed for each valve component match what you ordered. For instance, body materials (e.g., Aluminum, AISI 316) and gasket materials (e.g., expanded graphite, PTFE) should align with the order specifications​​​​​.

3. Dimensions and Connection Types

Validate that the dimensions (size, weight, etc.) and connection types (flanged, threaded, etc.) are correct. Make sure the dimensions of each valve (e.g., DN 50, DN 100) are as per the order​​.

4. Pressure and Vacuum Settings

Verify that the pressure and vacuum settings are correctly calibrated according to the order. Check if the valves are set to the correct pressure/vacuum relief settings required by you​​​​.

5. Accessory and Add-on Features

Ensure that any additional features or accessories (like proximity switches, flame arresters, or temperature sensors) requested by you are included and properly installed​​​.

6. Documentation and Certification

Check that all necessary documentation, including test certificates, compliance certificates (e.g., ISO 9001, API Std 2000), and user manuals, are included with the shipment. Verify certifications for pressure equipment directives if applicable​​​​.

7. Quality Control and Final Inspection

Conduct a final inspection to ensure all valves are free from defects and meet quality standards. Confirm that the valves have passed all required tests and quality checks before shipping​​.


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Order Checklist

When you make an order to Yee Valve, here are the steps you should follow [...]

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