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Flame Arresters

Our flame arresters are engineered to prevent the ignition of flammable gases or vapors from external sources. By stopping flames from entering storage tanks through vent lines, they play a vital role in averting potential explosions and fires.

Other Valves

TT8120 Breather Valve

Breather Valve

These are essential for maintaining pressure equilibrium within the tanks, automatically opening to release or admit air as needed to keep the internal pressure within safe limits.

TT8123 Breather Valve

Pressure Relief Valves

Designed to open at a predetermined pressure to protect tanks from overpressure scenarios.

TT9800 Breather Valve

Vacuum Relief Valves

These valves prevent tank collapse under vacuum conditions that might occur due to volume changes or temperature fluctuations.

Tank Equipment

Inert Gas Systems

To reduce the oxygen content around volatile substances, our inert gas systems displace the air with inert gas, substantially lowering the risk of oxidation and subsequent ignition.

Emergency Vent Valves

For extreme scenarios, these valves provide rapid pressure relief if other systems are overwhelmed, ensuring structural integrity of the tank.

Why Choose Yee Valve?

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