FAD-E Flame Arrester – Pipeline Deflagration Flame Arrester (Eccentric Type)

  • Size Range: 2″ to 12″, suitable for stable detonations.
  • Applicable to Explosive Atmospheres: Categories IIA, IIB3, and IIC.
  • Bi-directional Flow and Potential Ignition Sources: Ensures safety from both directions.
  • Material Options: Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and others.
  • Thermocouple Temperature Sensor: Class G11 Category (1)2 for precise monitoring.
  • Interfaces for Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, and Condensate Drains: Enhance functionality and safety.
  • Steam Purge Injection Ports: Provide additional cleaning and safety measures.
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The FAD-E Flame Arrester, a Pipeline Deflagration Flame Arrester (Eccentric Type), features a specialized eccentric design tailored to prevent condensate accumulation based on specific operational needs. This eccentric type deflagration arrester serves as a protective device for long-term operation of pipeline and equipment systems. It effectively prevents detonations within the pipeline and is equipped with temperature sensors on both sides of the flame arrestor disc to detect and mitigate short-term combustion incidents that may occur.