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Flame Arresters

Flame arresters are safety devices installed on storage tanks or in pipelines discharging combustible gases. They consist of a flame-absorbing core, housing, and attachments, allowing gases to pass but blocking flames from propagating back into the tank or pipeline. This function is crucial for explosion prevention and maintaining facility safety.

Common Applications

Storage Tanks and Tank Vents

Flame arresters are installed on vents of tanks storing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other flammable liquids to prevent external flames from entering and causing explosions.

Pipeline Systems

Used in closed pipeline systems, flame arresters prevent flame propagation from one end of the system to the other, safeguarding against explosions.

Specialized Industries

These valves prevent tank collapse under vacuum conditions that might occur due to volume changes or temperature fluctuations.

Types of Flame Arresters

TT8120 Breather Valve

End-of-Line and In-Line Arresters

End-of-line arresters are used at the final discharge point open to the atmosphere, often equipped with weather caps to prevent rain and dust ingress. In-line arresters are placed within pipelines, controlling flame propagation in both deflagration and detonation scenarios.

TT8123 Breather Valve

Deflagration and Detonation Arresters

Deflagration arresters are designed to stop subsonic flame propagation, while detonation arresters are capable of halting supersonic flame fronts, necessary for high-risk applications.

Installation Guidelines

Proper installation of flame arresters is critical for their effective operation. They must be positioned close to potential ignition sources and oriented correctly according to the direction of gas flow and potential flame path. 

Installation specifications might include flange or threaded connections, depending on the pipeline diameter and operational requirements.

Maintenance and Regular Checks

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure flame arresters perform reliably. This includes:

  1. Checking for cleanliness and absence of blockages, deformations, or corrosion.
  2. Implementing anti-freeze measures in cold climates to prevent icing.
  3. Regularly inspecting and replacing worn or damaged parts.

Storage Tank Protection: Ideal for tanks containing volatile liquids, our arresters ensure that flames or sparks do not enter the tank during venting operations.

Process Safety: Integrated into process lines, these devices safeguard against the risks of fire and explosions in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical processes.

Ventilation Systems: Our flame arresters can be integrated into ventilation systems to prevent the spread of flames in case of a fire, ensuring facility safety.

Features and Benefits

Customizable Designs: Yee Valve offers flame arresters that can be tailored to fit specific system requirements, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

High-Quality Materials: Constructed from durable materials resistant to corrosion and capable of withstanding extreme conditions, our flame arresters maintain their integrity even in harsh environments.

Low Maintenance Requirements: Designed for reliability and ease of maintenance, our arresters ensure long-term performance with minimal upkeep.

Compliance with Global Standards: All our flame arresters meet the latest safety and quality standards, providing peace of mind that your operations are protected by compliant, high-quality equipment.

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