Our Valve Solutions

Breather Valve

These valves maintain safe pressure levels in storage tanks by allowing air to enter or exit based on internal pressure changes.

Flame Arresters

Installed to prevent the propagation of flames into storage or processing areas, enhancing fire safety.

TT8130 Breather Valve

Safety Valves

These are critical for releasing excess pressure from vessels or piping systems to prevent equipment damage or explosions.

TT8123 Breather Valve

Relief Valves

Similar to safety valves, they provide overpressure protection but are typically used for liquid service.

TT9800 Breather Valve


Used to control pressure levels within pipelines and equipment, ensuring optimal operation and safety.

Safe Systems in Practice

YeeValve devices are used in a wide range of industrial applications. A safe process requires reliable protection for every conceivable operating parameter. Practical examples show how systmes can be made safe and how Yee Valve devices can be incorporated into control loops.

Refineries and Chemical Processing Plants

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities

Vapor Combustion Systems

Propylene Storage Tanks

Biogas Systems, Wastewater Treatment, and Landfill Gas Systems

Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Integrated Equipment Components

Loading Systems