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TT8120 Breather Valve

Flame Arresters

We provide industry-leading flame arresters that are essential for preventing the ignition of flammable gases and vapors from sources external to the flare or vapor combustion system. Our products are engineered to halt the propagation of flames, thereby protecting both equipment and personnel.

TT8123 Breather Valve

High-Performance Valves

Our valves, including butterfly, ball, and gate valves, are specifically designed to withstand the extreme conditions of flare and vapor combustion systems. They regulate the flow and pressure of gases, ensuring that the combustion process is controlled and stable.

TT9800 Breather Valve

Emergency Shut-Off Valves

In the event of an emergency, our shut-off valves provide immediate isolation of fuel sources, crucial for stopping the flow of gas and averting potential disasters.

TT9800 Breather Valve

Pressure Relief Valves

These valves are critical for maintaining optimal pressure within the system. They automatically activate to release excess pressure, thereby preventing equipment damage and ensuring the safety of the operation.

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