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Flame Arrester

Flame Arresters

Given propylene’s flammability, our flame arresters are critical in preventing external flames and sparks from igniting the tank contents. These devices are a vital safety feature for mitigating the risk of fire and explosions.

TT8120 Breather Valve

Pressure Relief Valves

 These valves are critical for managing the internal pressure levels within gas storage and processing equipment. They automatically open to release excess gas, preventing pressure build-up that could lead to equipment failure or catastrophic accidents.

TT8123 Breather Valve

Check Valves and Shut-off Valves

To prevent the reverse flow of gases, which could mix different gases or introduce oxygen into an anaerobic system, our check valves are an integral part of maintaining system integrity. Shut-off valves provide the ability to quickly isolate parts of the system for maintenance or in an emergency.

TT9800 Breather Valve

Gas Flow Regulators:

These devices ensure that gas flows at safe speeds and pressures, crucial for maintaining the balance and efficiency of the gas treatment and utilization processes.

Ventilation Valves

Specifically designed for biogas and landfill gas applications, these valves allow for controlled venting of gases, maintaining safe and stable atmospheric conditions within enclosed spaces.

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