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Detonation Flame Arresters

Application Specific Designs: Tailored to meet the specific requirements of each loading system, ensuring optimal protection against flames and detonations.


Robust Performance: Capable of stopping high-speed flame fronts and withstanding the intense pressures of detonations, our arresters are essential for maintaining safe operations.

Key Applications

Fuel Loading Systems

Protects systems involved in the loading of fuels like gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel, where the risk of flame propagation is high.

Chemical Transfer

Ideal for the safe transfer of chemicals, solvents, and other volatile liquids, preventing accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Gas Loading Operations

Used in the loading of industrial gases, where rapid flame spread can result in catastrophic failures.

Features and Benefits

control valve body

High-Efficiency Materials

End-of-line arresters are used at the final discharge point open to the atmosphere, often equipped with weather caps to prevent rain and dust ingress. In-line arresters are placed within pipelines, controlling flame propagation in both deflagration and detonation scenarios.

Easy Integration

Designed for easy installation in existing or new loading systems, our arresters do not require extensive modifications to be integrated.

Low Maintenance

Engineered to require minimal maintenance, our detonation flame arresters save time and reduce operational costs over their lifespan.

Compliance with International Standards

Each arrester meets rigorous international safety standards, providing confidence in the protection they offer.

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