Emergency Vent Cover

At YeeValve, we manufacture high-quality Emergency Vent Covers designed to protect your storage tanks in critical situations. Our covers are engineered to provide reliable pressure relief in emergency conditions, ensuring the safety and integrity of your storage systems.

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Emergency Vent Cover

Model TT8160 Emergency Pressure Relief Valves are designed to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by the normal operating pressure relief valve on the tank. The valve protects the tank against rupture or explosion that could result from excessive internal pressure caused by fire.

TT8160 Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

TT8168 Emergency Pressure Relief Valve

TT8170 Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

TT8178 Emergency Pressure Relief Valve

TT8180 Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

TT8188 Emergency Pressure Relief Valve


  • Available in diameters of 16”, 20”, and 24”;
  • Designed and tested according to API 2000;
  • Flange standards comply with ANSI B16.5, with optional standards such as EN1092, JIS, HG/T 20592~20615, and GB/T 9113 based on user requirements;
  • Material options: aluminum alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other special materials;
  • Models TT8160 and TT8168 emergency pressure vacuum relief valves feature a stop block that effectively aids in valve disc reset;
  • Models TT8170 and TT8178 emergency pressure vacuum relief valves have guiding ribs that prevent cap displacement and provide guidance;
  • Models TT8180 and TT8188 emergency pressure vacuum relief valves are spring-loaded, suitable for storage tanks with relatively high set pressures.

Emergency Vent Cover Diemsnions (mm)

Nominal Size L1 H1 H2 H3
16”(DN400) 597 350 270 476
20”(DN500) 765 350 270 584
24”(DN600) 845 350 270 686

Set Pressure/Vacuum 

Setting KPa TT8160 TT8168 TT8170 TT8178 TT8180 8188
Set Pressure 0.6~3.4 0.6~3.4 0.6~6.9 0.6~6.9 6.9~103.4 6.9~103.4
Set Vacuum -0.2~-1.7 / -0.2~-1.7   -0.2~-1.7