TT8170 Emergency Relief Valve – Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve (Weight Loaded)

  • Size: 2” to 12″
  • Pressure Setting: 2.0 mbar to 69 mbar
  • Vacuum Setting: 0.2 mbar to 4.3 mbar
  • Material Options: Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, and others
  • Modular Structure: Designed for ease of integration and flexibility in various systems
  • Proprietary Technology: Features a 10% overpressure disc technology
  • FEP Diaphragm: Prevents adhesion between the valve seat and disc, with options for other soft or hard sealing structures tailored to operational requirements
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The YeeValve TT8170 Emergency Relief Valve, a Weight Loaded Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, is crucial in scenarios where external exposure to flames could render standard exhaust devices insufficient to prevent overpressure in tanks. The TT8170 series offers the essential pressure relief capability needed to keep tanks within safe operational limits. Additionally, the integrated vacuum valve provides extra protection, preventing tank collapse due to excessive vacuum or steam pressure. This comprehensive approach ensures robust defense against extreme conditions, safeguarding the tank’s structural integrity and operational functionality.